Welcome to GEM TECH 


We specialise in the servicing and repairs of Audi, BMW, VW, Mini and other German manufactured vehicles. 


We have been servicing, maintaining, tuning, uprating and general repairs for many types of cars since 1992


Being the business owner  i  have always had a passion for doing things right and to extremely high standards. Through hard work i have earned my reputation for being informative, thorough and trustworthy and have always had my  own motto  which my customers have come to know which is....



We have worked on various performance and modified vehicles including kit cars, track day cars and classic cars throughout the years , so you can be assured that your vehicle is in good hands. 


There is a number of services that we can provide for your vehicle, from a bulb replacement to a full rebuild, NO JOB IS TO SMALL!  


Your vehicle is serviced to manufacturers recommendation and if other work is required you will be contacted to arrange the best cause of action to keep you mobile and above all safe. 


All parts fitted are manufactures items or the same specification. 


All oils used are approved by manufactures and are of top end quality. We are now proud to be suppliers of FUCHS Titan oils as well as Castrol and shell as testing has proved time and again that using the right oil for the vehicle maintains the life and performance of your car. 

“if it's not good enough for his own car, then it's not good enough for his customers” 

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We understand how crucial not just servicing your performance car is but doing it right. We use OEM parts, oils along with following all of the factory specifications.